Lunar New Year with Michael Kors

Michael Kor’s new campaign features a video created with traditional stop-motion techniques celebrating the Lunar New Year

The Michael Kors 2020 Lunar New Year campaign video takes fans on a whimsical trip via airplane, train, car and motorcycle to reach home in time for the New Year’s celebrations. Along the way, travelers will find perfect gifts for their beloved ones as well as accessories for arriving in style.

The video sets a cheerful and uplifting mood, wrapping the audience with a comfortable blanket of home-y feeling thanks to its use of traditional stop-motion techniques. Long before computers brought now-familiar blockbuster characters to life, audiences gasped in awe at silver screens thanks to the stop-motion animation technique.

The technique uses images created with objects such as paper cutouts or clay models. The artist arranges all of the objects to be featured in their initial positions and the first image is then captured. The objects are then moved to slightly different positions and another image is recorded. The laborious technique requires the process to be repeated hundreds or even thousands of times.

In the unresting era of overemphasized dynamic and sense of urgency, it’s the lighthearted idea of pausing for our loved ones, that truly stands out.

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