Four Graces

Inspired looks—from elegant Southern lady to the princess of the Forbidden City.

Within China’s vast and varied landscape, each region is steeped in its own rich history and character. Explore the regions through these looks—from streaming silk dresses worn to roam the gardens in the South, to tailored suits made for weaving through bustling cities.

Southern Belle

Gliding amidst the ponds and gardens of Jiang Nan, the Southern lady is as gentle as she is elegant, losing herself in the pages of soulful poetry as the streaming silks of her dress whisper in the soft breeze.

Entrepreneurial Empress

Queen of her castle, she paves her own path, exuding a calm power, her tailored suits sharp and her gait strong with every confident step towards her ultimate goal.

Crown Jewel

With generations of royal heritage accompanying her, the noble heiress is a vision of wisdom and courage. Trailed by her sweeping cloak, boots touching lightly, she makes her way through palatial corridors.


A vision in a floral frock, she strolls alongside the cool mountain stream, as fresh as the countryside’s crisp autumn morning and as lovely as the wildflowers she pauses to admire on the hillside.

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